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 Monday H-Firelands 6pm 
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Post Monday H-Firelands 6pm
Hello fabulous CoD peeps! This coming Monday @ 6pm server I will be leading a Firelands run to help clear stuff people want!

Assuming a full group (including all relevant roles such as tanks, heals, ranged etc.) we will be clearing all bosses on Heroic with the slight potential exception of Heroic Rag depending on personal performance & responsibility. In the event of there only being 6-9 sign-ups we will instead do Meta achievements (ofc we can always do Metas with a full-group if that's what everyone seems to want/need instead of heroics.) We will not be rolling w/o tanks, pulling people from my main guild for key roles, or other such shenanigans as last time - that was silly and bad.

Additionally, all Siphons, Seething Cinders, and Eternal Embers are available for those making a legendary staff!

Sign-ups are on dota's page. If you are interested in coming, please continue reading below.

While those in ilvl 450+ significantly outgear FL, bear in mind two things: 1) Firelands was current-tier just two tiers ago, and 2) you no longer have inherent resistances from group buffs, so lots of Fire-based abilities hurt more than they originally did. There are also plenty of mechanics that can still kill you if you ignore them completely.

So if you're intent on success, take an hour or so to study up, write yourself down some notes, & watch videos so you have an idea of what the boss encounters look like. Since I was clearing H-Firelands weekly in Cataclysm, I've done you the favor of creating notes for the last three bosses here: Baleroc, Majordomo, and Ragnaros. Here are brief overviews of the differences on heroic for the rest of the bosses that remain relevant and important to know.


Same mechanics as normal, but the dogs are not killed. We'll just have one ranged class/spec that values Crit to sit on Rageface (with one other ranged as backup), and everyone else burn the boss. Shouldn't take long or be too much trouble.


Same mechanics as normal, but classes with taunts must be aggressive about taunting down spinners because they stun people. Also there are Banelings - a beam focuses you, the baneling runs towards you & blows up, then as soon as it does you strafe out of the goo it dropped. Not hard or deadly (unless you stand in it), it just happens often. Also healers be ready for % health damage (didn't actually check last time to see if it was, but it sure felt like it).


Same mechanics as normal, but there will be extra adds running at the boss' legs throughout the fight that need killed before they reach the boss - if they hit a leg, they heal his armor. Phase 2 has a Kologarn-style laser beam mechanic but most likely that phase will be insignificantly short.


Instead of explaining this boss' mechanics, as they are many, I'll explain how we're going to cheese it. Before pulling we will establish the order in which people will get feathers, with the eventual goal of getting everyone up in the air trying to wreck a firebird. Watch my kill vid if you want to try flying, it's actually really fun; I was the first to Feral solo this boss on both normal and Heroic:

Baleroc, Staghelm, Ragnaros:

Please see my guide posted at the link below under the LJ comments - they're a little more involved than the other bosses. If you can't see the link, post a reply letting me know and I'll repost it on CoD forums.

Group requirements:

Level 90s only please.
Average ilvl of your gear in the spec you sign up for should be a minimum of 450.
Feasts will be provided.
Please supply at least one full stack of your own potions (you will be given a countdown for pre-potting).
Please provide your own flasks.
We'll run a maximum of 2-hours; because full-clears in Cata took about 90-minutes and I don't want to burn people out #badpun

2 tanks for all bosses except Majordomo & Baleroc. If you sign up to tank and haven't specifically researched the tanking aspect of these bosses before, please do so in advance.

2 healers for Beth'tilac and Baleroc at least, if we have a healer who feels particularly geared/talented/badass we can get away with just one for certain bosses. Because I can pull very high dps I would prefer not to heal. Also for Alysrazor we're going to run zero healers so if you sign up for heals please have a dps offspec (eg. daily spec -.-)

6 dps, at least two of which should be ranged. Not worried about specific classes for popping traps (I have a trinket that should work), but a Heroism class is highly desirable. I'm setting the dps 'requirement' for this at c. 30k, which should be attainable in ilvl 450 (looking at dota and cod logs, most raiders are doing considerably more) and was pretty much the ceiling of what most non-legendary-equipped classes & specs could do when Heroic Firelands was current-tier.

We'll run a maximum of 2-hours because full-clears in Cata took about 90-minutes and I don't want to burn people out /badjoke

My battletag info for invites is Karastrasza#1401 --and-- Invites will start at 5:45 server this Monday.

Lastly sorry for the repeat thread, but I had a feeling nobody would see anything I wrote if I just put a reply to the one Elven started - she is simply making anticipatory posts on my behalf, as I have usurped control of basically everything important.

Have a good week and hope to see you Monday! ^_^

Tue Jan 22, 2013 10:51 pm
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