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 [2009] Guild Bank policies 
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Post [2009] Guild Bank policies
Currently, our guild bank consists of three main tabs to assist our guild members in different ways with things they may need. Rules regarding who has access to which tab, and who is allowed items out of these tabs, differs depending on the tab.

Tab 1: Closed

This is the tab where enchanting materials, BoE raid drops, and other important items relevant to current raiding are stored. Only the guild leader and officers have the right to withdraw anything from this tab. Because of the nature of the items in this tab, only people who have been promoted to "Member" status and are currently raiding with us will be allowed to request items from it.

As this tab's sole purpose is to assist our raiders with gearing up (thereby assisting guild raid progression), requests for items from it for the purposes of gearing up a non-raiding alt, someone other than yourself, or gearing up an Initiate will be rejected, regardless of which officer is approached. The guild bank is not there to hand out freebies. Any BoE epic raiding items handed out to raiding members must be EARNED.

Tab 2: Open

This tab differs greatly from Tab 1, as it is used to store any odds and ends that guildies may want to deposit to help each other out. Anything from rare old world profession recipes, to lowbie blues, to various mats or old world rep items can be stored here. If you have some Outland blues that dropped for you that you can't use but might help someone else's alt later, this is the place to store it. The same goes for things like useful consumables and such. Note that members are not required to deposit items in this tab, nor are they required to exchange one item for another if they wish to withdraw an item from it. This tab is simply here to allow people to deposit items that could help others, if they wish.

Since the items in this tab are really not raid specific or in any way intrinsic to gearing up a raider, all members of the guild have full access to this tab and, generally, do not require officer permission to withdraw items from here. However, when withdrawing items from this tab, remember that other guild members placed those items to help fellow guildies; please do not withdraw items if it is not to help your main or an alt of yours. If it is found that someone is withdrawing items out of this tab just to sell them and make personal profit, said person will be dealt with strictly.

In addition, while anyone can theoretically toss any item into this tab, please do NOT flood the tab with useless junk. This is not your personal bank; it is the guild bank. All members are expected to treat it as such. Officers, especially the assigned bank officer, have the authority to withdraw any items deemed useless from the Open Tab, and to vendor or auction them off as they see fit; any gold received from such sales goes back into the guild bank funds.

Tab 3: Enchanting Mats

As the name suggests, this is where we store enchanting mats to be used by our raiders as they progress in gear. These mats are generally obtained from items disenchanted from our raids or, in some cases, donated by guild members as they obtain them.

As of this time, only CoD officers have full access to this tab; all other members may deposit/donate mats but do not have the necessary permissions in-game to withdraw anything from this tab. If you require the guild bank's assistance in acquiring the necessary mats to enchant your raid gear, let an officer know. Be sure to mention exactly how many of what items you need and what enchant they're to be used for.

Please also note that since this tab is meant for enchanting materials, you are not to deposit anything besides actual enchanting materials in this tab at any time. And of course, any handing out of these materials to guild members is dependent on the guild bank's supply at the time and is at the sole discretion of CoD officers.

Wed Apr 15, 2009 11:55 am
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