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 Guild Policies [2011] 
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Post Guild Policies [2011]
Cake or Death will be a guild focused on seeing as much content in World of Warcraft as possible. To this end we will be attempting progression in a very fast a furious way. At the same time we don't not want to be similar to many other "hardcore" raiding guilds. There are no raiding requirements for membership and no attendance requirements for anyone. This just means that we don't mind if you raid a lot for a month, then stop for a little bit then come back. The problem with this comes with recruitment numbers and making sure seating is fair. I'm currently working on some edits to my raid signup system that will help make sure seating is as fair as possible for everyone. More info about this will be posted once the signup system is complete.

See all content.

The schedule is visible for registered forum users at We raid on east coast time starting at 6:30pm server and trying never to go past 8:30pm server. We generally try and raid Tuesday & Thursday with the occasional use of Wednesday in place of one of those and the far less occasional run on a weekend.

We're a core group of friends that split off from another raiding guild on the server. Most of us transfered on this server to raid with Daughters of the Alliance members.


Don't be a prick
The rules here are pretty simple. Don't be an idiot. Everyone is expected to treat all other guild members with respect.

Bring issues up with Officers
If you have issues with anything in the guild (policies, rules, members, etc) please bring it up privately with an officer by either in game whisper, or forum PM. There is never a need to start drama for no reason. Un-needed drama can be looked at as having a negative affect on the guild and you are very likely to be kicked for starting it.

CoD will focus on raiding but there are no attendance or raiding requirements. (Attendance here refers to how often you sign up for raids, not how often you don't show up for a raid you were seated at. Please see the raiding rules for more information.) You are free to be a non-raiding or pvp focused member. You are free to raid in pugs or with any other guild (Except if you are signed up for a raid with us during the same instance reset. This should be common sense but apparently needs to be stated.)

You are free to spec however you want as a member. Spec can however, play an important role in deciding if you are seated for raids. If we need healers for a raid and have to many dps, we clearly will be able to seat you more often if you chose a healing spec. To raid we definitely want to see a pve-based build of whatever spec you want. (For example, we don't mind if mages are fire,frost, or arcane, just make sure you have a pve-based spec for whichever you choose.) Also switching your main spec (in a position where it heavily affects your gear) does not help the guild progress. Please remember this, it can affect raid seating.

Mains and Alts
You can have as many alts as you want but we do want to see one main character and for that main to stay your main between expansions if you want raid seating. When we're working on progression every piece of gear handed out helps us down the next bosses and next encounters. If we gear out a character only to have you change spec, or change your main it hurts our ability to continue progression. You can change your main of course, but be prepared to have us recruit in order to fill your spot with someone equally geared and to sign up for lower level dungeons on your new character until you reach a suitable gear level on them.

Officer Power
Officers are allowed to kick people from the guild for any reason. If you are contributing negatively to the guild in any way (Not showing up for seated raids, acting in a rude way publicly, harassing any other player, etc) you are likely to be kicked without a second thought.


The Process
Our signup system is available to members. As long as you have a forum account and are logged into the forums, you will be "logged" into the raiding system. You can get to it from the "Raid Signups" link in the member section of the forums. Once there you have to create your characters on the "My Account" page and you are in charge of keeping them updated as far as attunement and levels (if you plan on even entering your non-raiding characters, that's up to you). Once you have a character you can begin signing up for any raids available.

Seating is not guaranteed until the raid is marked "finalized" on the signup system. If you are in the main raid list at that point (this means you have the white "Seated" message on the main (raid list) page next to your character) you are in the raid and definitely have a seat. Once the raid is finalized people will be added but won't be removed. If you need to remove yourself from a finalized raid please let us know so we can fill your slot. Officers won't be checking up on finalized raids that were full as much.

We seat people for CoD raids based on performance alone. If we know you are an asset to a raid and are geared up enough we will consider you for a seat no matter how often you are available for raids. Depending on your gear and personality we might request to see your DPS on a target dummy or to run an instance with you to gauge your tanking/healing abilities before seating you in a raid. Seating never implies that future seating is guaranteed. We're focused on what's best for the guild.

A quick note: changing guilds between finalization and raid time can definitely affect your raid seating even if the raid is finalized.

Signing Up before the Raid is Finalized
We finalize seating for a raid 48 hours before the raid is going to start (well... we try to at least). At that point we make the seating visible to players and we will not decide to pull anyone who is already seated out of the raid. This is called "Finalizing" the raid and is very clear on our raid signup system. If you signup after the raid has been finalized you will only be able to get in the raid if we have a no show or there are still empty slots.

As a side note: signing up the day of the raid, being seated and not knowing about it is not an excuse for being late.

Showing Up
If you sign up for a raid and get seated, we expect you to be at the raid. The times posted on the Raid Sign Up page is the time we plan to start the raid, so it would be helpful to be online around five - ten minutes beforehand, and if you know you might be late when you sign please add that to your note when signing up. If you do not show up, this causes problems and will probably reflect badly on you as a raider.

As is listed on the requirements post, we require Mumble use for raids. You don't need a mic, just need to be able to listen. During fight explanations please keep vent chatter down to absolute minimum. If you have problems with the strategy being told please whisper the raid leader, do not speak out over vent. It is up to the raid leader what strategy is going to be used on an encounter.

Playing a friend's account
This as a rule is not allowed. We feel it's unfair for people who aren't in the raid to get gear on their characters.

Missing a Raid
When you have to miss a raid try to let an officer know. Even if you can't (emergencies) let us know what happened after. Missing raids that you signed up for will definitely lead to us not seating you in future raids since you will become a liability instead of an asset. If you miss night one of a raid (without explanation) we will most likely seat someone else in your spot if you are also signed up for other nights of the same raid. It's not fair to seat someone else and lock them out just for night one.

Patch Days
If a patch comes out, we will almost certainly cancel that night's raid. Period. We've been hurt too many times... :cry:

Unofficial Runs
Any member can post runs up on the raid signups. If you do so please make sure to explain who the raid leader for the run is in the raid note (Have to "edit" the raid after creating it to edit the note). We want to make sure everyone signing up knows who is leading.

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